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Center for Health Evidence: Drug Information

Find resources that have drug, herb/supplement, and drug interaction information

Lippincott Advisor 

Drug information monographs include general drug information such as indications and dosages, Interactions, nursing considerations, and patient education. Under Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment, click on Drugs. To search filter by drug type or conduct a keyword search. 

ClinicalKey - Drug Monographs

Indications & Dosage, Administration, Monitoring Parameters, Contraindications, Interactions, Adverse Reactions, Classifications, and Global Drug Names. Search by drug name or filter by Drug Class, Adverse Reactions, Indications, or Contraindications. 


‚ÄčDrug Interaction, IV Compatibility, Drug Identification, Drug Comparison, Tox & Drug Product Lookup tools, and NeoFax/Pediatrics.  Also includes patient education materials and calculators. Mobile Apps are available. 

MedlinePlus Herbs & Supplements

Information on dietary supplements and herbal remedies. Learn about their effectiveness, usual dosage, and drug interactions.  


Database from the NIH Includes information on the levels of drugs and other chemicals in breast milk and infant blood, and the possible adverse effects on the nursing infant.


General drug information, pediatric drug information, and patient education. See also Drug/Drug, Drug/Herb, and Herb/Herb Interaction.