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Center for Health Evidence Policies


Access & utilization overview

The Center for Health Evidence serves medical and house staff, hospital employees, research personnel, volunteers, and the general public by providing health information services that meet clinical, educational, research, and personal health-related needs. It serves to support the hospital’s mission to excel at the delivery of healthcare to our community and supports regulatory requirements for accreditation, education programs, and other hospital-wide designations and certifications. Download the pdf below for the full Administrative Policy.

User Privacy and Confidentiality

Protecting user privacy and confidentiality has long been an integral part of the mission of libraries and librarianship professionals' ethics. Since 1939 the American Library Association (ALA) has pledged a right to privacy. The Center for Health Evidence Library believes that protecting our user's privacy affirms that confidentiality is key to the freedom of inquiry. 

"We protect each library user's right to privacy and confidentiality with respect to information sought or received and resources consulted, borrowed, acquired, or transmitted".

Read more about rights to privacy and confidentiality in the Library Bill of Rights 

The Center for Health Evidence provides links to external Internet sites. Users should always read the privacy policy statements for these sites to better understand how their information may be obtained and/or used. Links to privacy agreements for our major vendors can be found under the “Help” menu on our main web page.  

Document Delivery overview

What happens when I order an article/book/book chapter? We will first search our own collections to fill your request. If we do not have a copy of the item, we then input the request into the DOCLINE system to ask other libraries to lend us the needed article/book. Libraries are granted permission under the "Fair Use" guidelines of U.S. Copyright law to borrow/lend materials for purposes of private study, scholarship, or research. Sometimes there is a cost to borrow items, however, as a benefit of being employed or on Medical Staff at Huntington Hospital this service is provided for free to you

Requests of 3 or more citations - Requests with more than 3 citations are prioritized by order in which they are received unless otherwise specified. We will process up to 5 articles per requester per day. Please note, that the speed of delivery depends upon the operational capabilities of CHE and loaning libraries.

Articles requested via email - Due to copyright restrictions, articles will only be sent to Huntington Hospital employees or affiliated Medical Staff, regardless of who is copied on the email request. 

Circulation policy overview

  • Employees, Physicians, Residents, and Medical Interns are all welcome to borrow print materials. 
  • Volunteers, Students, Interns in other departments, Clergy, and Community members are welcome to use print materials onsite. 
  • Patients and Patient's Family Members are welcome to use print materials onsite.

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