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CME/CE & Career Development


1. Create an account and sign in to your MyAccess personal profile

2. Find a title that is eligible for CME credits.

3. Read the content.

4. Click on the CME icon to begin the process of claiming credits. The content must be assigned to a topical query.

5. Navigate to their MyAccess profile to claim the credit. Clicking "earn CME credit" will bring you to a brief questionnaire. Once the questionnaire has been completed, the credits can be claimed immediately or saved for later up to one year.

6. Once your credits have been claimed your certificate can be printed immediately and a copy is also automatically saved to the "earned credits" portion of the My CME section in your MyAccess profile.

*For more information: CME Video


1. Go to ClinicalKey and log in or create a personal account.

2. Perform a search.

3. Find and read the content of interest.

4. Claim credits from your dashboard by selecting the query you want to claim, answer a few questions, and click submit. Print or view the certificate.


Ovid Discovery

1. Create an account and sign into Ovid Discovery.

2. Perform a search.

3. To collect CME credits in Ovid Discovery based on your search activity, click on the “Get CME Credit for your Research” button near the top of the page, beneath the search field.

4. Read the Terms and Conditions. Click “Accept”.

5. Fill out the CME registration page and click “Submit”.

6. Ovid will generate a certificate with your earned CME credit based on your search. This is also available to view at your My CME History page.



1. Log in or register to create a username and password.

2. Search for a clinical question in UpToDate. UpToDate will automatically track the questions in the CME or CE tab.

3. Select the tab to view all your redeemable credits organized by month.

4. View searches and identify how you applied information found in UpToDate in your practice.

5. Repeat process for all CME credits you'd like to submit.

6. Click save.

7. Select months with completed credits you'd wish to submit. Click continue to view/print certificate.

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