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Find a Journal Article

Google Scholar Search

Google Scholar allows you to search for scholarly articles online. Often, you can find some full-text articles that are available to view and/or download for free. (As with any published content, please observe copyright terms and agreements.)


Learn more about Google Scholar below:

Visit Google Scholar and enter your search term(s) in the search box. You can enter a string of keywords or the exact article title.

  • Access full-text articles by looking to the right of the article information, usually denoted by a [PDF] or [HTML] link.
  • If the article does not have a full-text link, you can try clicking on the link to other versions or to similar articles on your search topic.
  • You can also create alerts and filter results by publication date. 



Can't find an article on Google Scholar?

Fill-out an article request form, ask us to perform a literature search, or contact us directly with your question.