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Lippincott Advisor & Procedures

What is the difference between Advisor and Procedures?

Lippincott Advisor provides evidence-based information about diseases, conditions, signs and symptoms, diagnostic tests, and treatments.

Lippincott Procedures focuses on how to perform clinical procedures.

General Search

Any search entered without specified keywords or phases will return results with all or some of the words within the query.
Searches performed from within either of the Lippincott databases or Ovid Discovery can return results from both Advisor and Procedures databases simultaneously. 


stroke patient care will search for documents that include stroke, patient, and care.


 Exact Phrase

To search for an exact phrase, place the phrase within quotation marks " ".


"cardiovascular disease prevention" - will search for documents with the exact phrase only.



To broaden a search, use an asterisk (*) symbol to retrieve variants of a keyword. Add an asterisk to the last character of a root word, before the first character, or on both ends of a keyword. 


  • cardio* - will search for words that start with cardio* (cardiovascular, cardiomyopathy).
  • *vascular - will search for words that end with vascular (cardiovascular, intravascular)
  • *immun* - will search for words that start, end, or contain *immune* (autoimmune, immunoglobulin)


Boolean Search

Boolean operators are stop words (AND, OR) used to connect search terms to expand (or) or narrow (and) a search. 


  • AND - Diet AND Cancer - will search for documents that include both terms. 
  • OR - "heart attack" OR stroke - will search for documents that include either the quoted phrase or keyword.