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Huntington Health Center for Health Evidence

Welcome to the Nursing Research Center

Introduction to the Nursing Research Center

Welcome to Huntington Health’s Nursing Research Center website.  These pages were developed by the EBP/Nursing Research Council members. As an ANCC Magnet® designated hospital, we are focused on advancing a culture of scientific inquiry where evidence and nursing research are essential components of nursing excellence.  Fostering a culture of inquiry involves encouraging questions, examining published reports and findings, and applying resources to advance care delivery through research. Building inquiry skills means pursuing research evidence and best practices to improve care delivery; participating in nursing research to systematically solve problems and use findings to inform others; identifying clinical questions to conduct practice-based research, and using new knowledge and innovation to advance nursing excellence.

The Nursing Research Center contains information and resources to support scientific inquiry and to guide the process of determining the need to conduct research or to translate research findings into practice using the framework adopted by the council, the Iowa Model. As such, the Nursing Research Center supports the vision for the Nursing Research program at Huntington Hospital:

Research and evidence are part of nurses’ routine practice to inform decisions about patient care and care delivery systems; Our practice environment encourages inquiry which means the search for best practices and involvement in research by RNs providing care.

The purpose of the Nursing Research Center is to house resources, demonstrate progress, and be a vehicle that inspires learning. On behalf of the Evidence-Based Practice and Nursing Research Council, I invite you to explore and enjoy using the Nursing Research Center.

Dr. Linda Searle-Leach

Linda Searle-Leach, Ph.D., RN, NEA-BC
Nursing Research Scientist 

Project Intake Form

This form is for capturing your nursing project(s). This process was created to help capture the great work that you do. The EBP/Nursing Research Council encourages you to complete this form early on in your project development to provide the support you will need to set you up for success.

This link directs you to the form in SharePoint. 

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